Disadvantaged (and apparently illiterate) white men get their own scholarship

by Jon Christian

Statesman.com’s Patrick George reports on a new scholarship aimed at a group that has been downtrodden and discriminated against like no other in American history: white males.

Have no fear, though. The group, which goes by the moniker “Former Majority Association for Equality,” is clearly run by some intellectual heavyweights.

[Colby] Bohannan, the group’s president, said the name comes from the idea that “if you’re not a male, and if you’re not white, you’re called a minority.” However, he said, “I’m not sure white males are the majority anymore.”

I’m going to guess that Bohannan is a little hazy about a number of political issues, but the whopper here is that he seems confused about the definition of “majority” – which, as you will recall, is featured in the name of his organization. From Merriam-Webster:

Photo: Kelly West (Statesman.com)

Definition of MAJORITY…

3 a : a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total <a majority of voters> <a two-thirds majority>

b : the excess of a majority over the remainder of the total : margin <won by a majority of 10 votes>

c : the greater quantity or share <the majority of the time>

So with the exception of rare societies where most of the women died off, white men have seldom been a majority. And re-incorporating themselves as the [slightly more correct] “Former Plurality Association for Equality” wouldn’t help, because there tend to be approximately equal numbers of men and women.

Unless, of course, the group proposes that we roll back that pesky women’s suffrage legislation [and, how foolish of me, the fifteenth amendment], and get back to basics:

4: the group or political party having the greater number of votes (as in a legislature)

The more likely explanation, of course, is that what Bohannan really intended was to create a scholarship – and associated sympathy points – for a group which retains disproportionate political, financial and social prowess in the US: again, white males.

But then again, Bohannan is majoring in mass communication – so who would expect him to play the numbers game? And like many white men, he’s also known for his keen sense of fiscal responsibility:

A search of public records indicates Bohannan pleaded no contest to charges of theft of property of less than $500 in 2001 and of issuance of a bad check in 2003. William Lake , the group’s treasurer, pleaded no contest to issuance of a bad check in 2008.

Ouch! And ever-vigilant for intellectual depth, Youth for Western Civilization’s John Anderson picked up on the story, sagely noting that “[w]hat is remarkable is the lack of deranged left-wing opposition to this that past attempts have receieved [sic].”

The scholarship, which nobody has applied for yet – and which has so far raised only $485.00 – would require that applicants demonstrate financial need and are at least 25% Caucasian.

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