Morgan Quirk’s wacky, haunting 16-bit browser games

by Jon Christian

Boston-based programmer Morgan Quirk has a collection of, well, quirky 8- and 16-bit-styled browser games that call to mind the excellent 8-bit Ancient Greek Punishment.

The winner in my opinion – though to be fair, I haven’t given them all significant play time – is Swarm, a bleak, slightly Liquid War-like effort with a haunting lo-fi soundtrack.┬áThey’re not all extremely polished, but some were made on a tight deadline for game jams. The Terry Gilliam-esque Get Out Of Heaven is particularly wonderful in its simplicity.

The main page of his site randomizes the selection. This page has a (full?) list. I’ve got a more substantial story about Quirk’s employer,┬áDemiurge Studios, coming out in the near future.

[Browser games by Morgan Quirk]

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