Xeni Jardin, Orac on nonsense “alternative medicine.”

by Jon Christian

BoingBoing OG Xeni Jardin, who is being treated for breast cancer, has yet another excellent post on her experiences, this time directed at the magical thinking behind “alternative medicine.” She draws on a pair of posts by ScienceBlogs’ Orac, one on bunk cancer cures and one on the broader mentality behind snake oil. All are excellent reading, but Jardin is poignant:

In alternative healing parlance, ND stands for naturopathic doctor. I like Orac’s definition better: “not a doctor.”

Let me be blunt: I think people who sell fake cancer cures are murderers.

I spoke about the content of that blog post with my radiation oncologist yesterday, after I lay down under the linear accelerator for another daily (yep, daily) blast of rays to kill any remaining lurking cells that might want to off me a few years down the road.

I hate radiation treatment, by the way. HATE IT. But I hate cancer more.

I have friends who fall into this sort of conspiratorial thinking on a range of issues, but medicine is among the most prominent. The fact that there are (serious) problems with the pharmaceutical and health industries lends itself to anti-scientific narratives that endanger lives.