Journalists sue FBI for Hastings’ FBI file

by Jon Christian

Two investigative journalists are suing the FBI for the file — if one exists — on the death of reporter Michael Hastings. Hastings died in a car accident, and had recently sent out an email warning associates that they could be investigated because of a story he was working on. Conspiracy theories sprang up, naturally. From the press release:

The FBI, while acknowledging our records requests, failed to respond within the 20-working day time period with a determination as to whether the agency will comply as required by law. Nor has the FBI responded to Shapiro’s expedited processing request. So we decided to litigate and Jeffrey Light, our Washington, DC-based FOIA attorney, has also filed a motion for summary judgment seeking expedited processing of our federal complaint. 

“By suing the FBI for failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, [we] hope to obtain records pertaining both to the unusual circumstances of Michael Hastings’s death and to the broader issue of FBI surveillance of journalists and other critics of American national security policy,” Shapiro said.

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